Clinical & Commercial Programs

AIVITA Biomedical has multiple clinical and commercial programs at various stages of development. AIVITA’s lead therapeutic candidate is a patient-specific immunotherapy for the treatment of advanced cancers, currently being investigated in ovarian cancer. The company has a preclinical program using human stem cells differentiated into sheets of retinal tissue to treat degenerative retinal diseases. To support these efforts, AIVITA has developed an anti-aging skin care technology currently available for sale to consumers. All proceeds from product sales support AIVITA’s clinical development pipeline.


Patient-specific dendritic cell, tumor cell immunotherapy for the treatment of ovarian cancer.

Anti-aging Skincare

Ingredients sourced from human skin stem cells to address the visual signs of aging.
Cancer: Ovarian (Phase II)
Cancer: GBM (Preclinical)
Retinal Degeneration (Preclinical)
PROVOQUE® Skincare (Commercially Available)