Our Company

AIVITA Biomedical is a privately held company engaged in the advancement of commercial and clinical-stage programs utilizing curative and regenerative medicines. Founded in 2016 by pioneers in the stem cell industry, AIVITA Biomedical utilizes its expertise in stem cell growth and directed, high-purity differentiation to enable safe, efficient and economical manufacturing systems which support its commercial products and therapeutic pipeline.

AIVITA’s technologies include a Phase II patient-specific immunotherapy for the treatment of ovarian cancer. The treatment, autologous dendritic cells loaded with autologous irradiated tumor cells, directs the patient’s own immune system to seek out and destroy the very cells responsible for the growth and spread of the disease. The company is also developing an immune monitoring technology to be used in conjunction with its immunotherapeutic approach. The technique uses biomarker identification to provide physicians with an accurate prediction of how the patient will respond to treatment.

AIVITA recently launched PROVOQUE®, a commercial line of skin care products available through physicians and medical professionals. PROVOQUE® Facial Serum and PROVOQUE® Eye Complex are patented stem cell technology which helps address several key signs of skin aging, including the appearance of wrinkles, skin firmness, softness and radiance. The subject of two clinical studies in which patients and physicians reported improvements in overall skin appearance, PROVOQUE® represents a revolutionary new approach to achieving youthful looking skin.