ROOT OF SKIN™ Skincare Products Sell Out on Every QVC Japan Show in 2019

IRVINE, Calif. – January 8, 2020 – AIVITA Biomedical, Inc., a biotech company specializing in innovative stem cell applications, announced today that the Company’s ROOT of SKIN™ line of rejuvenating skincare products sold out in its 11th and 12th appearances in December 2019 on the Japanese home shopping channel QVC Japan. The products sold out in each of 12 appearances on the channel in 2019, setting sales records.

ROOT of SKIN™ is AIVITA’s proprietary skincare line for skin rejuvenation, made possible through the same proprietary knowledge and expertise used to develop its cutting-edge stem cell therapies. SourceCode Technology™, the proprietary actives complex in ROOT of SKIN™, contains the complete set of factors and supporting biological components present in young, healthy skin.

AIVITA Biomedical uses 100% of the proceeds from ROOT of SKIN™ sales to support the treatment of women with ovarian cancer.

“Irrefutable evidence of market traction in Japan facilitated AIVITA’s partnership with the largest skin care advertising company in the world, Guthy Renker,” said Hans S. Keirstead, Ph.D., AIVITA’s Chief Executive Officer. “2020 will see us launch direct to consumer sales in the USA, and expand distribution globally.”


ROOT of SKIN™ is a rejuvenating line of skincare products fueled by an unrelenting pursuit for advancements in life-changing and life-saving treatments. Harnessing breakthroughs in stem cell therapy, AIVITA Biomedical developed a technology that does more than just boost regeneration. The patented actives complex SourceCode Technology™ renews, repairs and protects, just as your skin did at its youngest and healthiest stage. Rich with every biological component healthy skin needs for development, and free of any unnecessary ingredients. All proceeds support treatment of women with ovarian cancer.

About AIVITA Biomedical

AIVITA Biomedical is a privately held company engaged in the advancement of commercial and clinical-stage programs utilizing curative and regenerative medicines. Founded in 2016 by pioneers in the stem cell industry, AIVITA Biomedical utilizes its expertise in stem cell growth and directed, high-purity differentiation to enable safe, efficient and economical manufacturing systems which support its therapeutic pipeline and commercial line of skin care products.